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For People in Need

For People in Need

It seems obvious, but we overlook it. Sometimes you need a place to sleep for a night or two.

  • Maybe you’ve lost your apartment
  • Maybe there’s a flood
  • Or trouble at home
  • Or your car broke down

If you don’t have money for a hotel room, you’re stuck spending a night in your car, or on the street. A lot of people wind up on someone else’s couch, wearing out their welcome.

We’re Here to Help

We can provide a change of clothes if you need it, a shower, a laundry, a place to sleep, and a meal. And that could be just what you need.

It isn’t just about survival though.

When someone checks in to the shelter, we need to ask some questions. We make sure that they get back on their feet, and help them figure out what it would take to get out of their jam.

Strathmore and Wheatland Country are full of helpful agencies. We connect people to those supporters: medical services, clothing, counselling, employment, housing, addictions treatment, dentistry – even furniture. Some of the will come to us, some of them make home visits, and some you have to go to.

We make sure that it happens. It’s called “Housing First,” and it’s a model that works.

We're Here to Help

Questions & Answers

Q: 1. How long can people stay?

A: The current plan is for a five day stay.

Q: What can they do during the day?
A: We close our doors during the day. We expect you to go out and speak to other agencies, look for work, or volunteer.
Q: Do you take families?
A: No. Unfortunately, we cannot work with children. We are set up to work with individual adults. There is a male dorm, and a female dorm. We refer the families to the Wheatland Crisis Society, which has an excellent family facility.
Q: What do you do to make it safe?
A: We will have two people awake and on duty every night, and a maximum of 10 visitors. We also search people’s bags at the door, and ask them to leave illegal items and weapons outside. Still: you are responsible for your own possessions.
Q: When will it open?

A: The shelter is scheduled to be open in January of 2018.


More Than a Place to Sleep

We will provide a variety of services, including:

  • Men’s and women’s dorms
  • A hot meal
  • Showers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Change of clothing
  • Crisis counselling
  • Referrals for service
More That a Place to Sleep


Operations like ours run on their volunteers.

  • Receiving donations
  • Sorting clothes
  • Preparing food
  • Connecting people to services
  • Clerical work
  • And more…

Gold Fundraiser

Do you have gold jewelry you no longer user or want? You can pass it on to us as a form of donation to assist in the operations on the Strathmore Overnight Shelter!

All you need to do is bring any of your unused gold jewelry (gold only please) to the Strathmore Jewelry Boutique located at 128 3 Ave, Strathmore, AB and specify that you’d like the value of that gold donated to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter.



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Elisabeth Karp / Executive Director

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