Support Us

When you think about supporting the Strathmore Overnight Shelter, volunteering your time is probably the first method that comes mind and you can let us know how you're able to volunteer here.

Not everyone can give of their time and we completely understand that.

There are other ways you can help us out:


Canadian Money

You can donate by making your cheque out to the Harvest Healing Centre Church (please write on the cheque that the donation is for the Shelter). You can also send an email money transfer to us. Please contact us for help doing that.

Food & Clothing

Support us with food and clothing donations.

Food and clothing donations can be dropped off at The Harvest Healing Centre Church located at 102 Canal Gardens in Strathmore.

Please follow us on Facebook as we regularly post about items were in need of.

We couldn't keep our doors open for long if weren't for the selfless support of all of our volunteers and donors! We are very grateful for everyone who has help us in any way!

Thank you!

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